Mike Bloomberg on Climate Change & More

This is a fantastic read and it reminds me of the live-stream of the Mashable Social Good Summit that I watched yesterday. There were many, many fantastic speakers, CEO’s, leaders, etc with their own passions and visions, but bottom line, to create world-wide change that will effect ALL of us and ALL of our causes, we need to work together. This article is a great representation of this attitude, because Bloomberg includes yes, climate change, but also; poverty, population, city growth and more in his talk, reminding us that they all have to do with each other!! We need to take a more inclusive approach and realize that we really can get a lot of incredible stuff done on our own, but more importantly, we can change the world TOGETHER! 

Photograph courtesy Rachel Sussman Photograph courtesy Rachel Sussman


Rachel Sussman has photographed some of the Earth’s oldest living organisms, describing her project as “a battle to stay in deep time.” Of the thirty ancient living things that she’s photographed, two have since died.

Top: Jomon Sugi, a Japanese cedar that is 2,180-7,000 years old (Photograph courtesy Rachel Sussman)

Bottom: Pando, a clonal colony of Quaking Aspen that is 80,000 years old (Photograph courtesy Rachel Sussman)

(Source: newyorker.com, via newyorker)